See who you can be.

Your soul purpose is my sole mission.

Feeling stuck? Frustrated? Overwhelmed by life’s pressures?

Perhaps you’re at a crossroads, a transition in spiritual growth, work or relationships.

Everyone can feel confused, alone or unsure during life’s transitions even while hearing the inner call to live life the way you dream it can be.

That call is the voice of your New You, your future self, calling you to evolve.

It calls you to give up your old story and become the next version that is already within.

It calls you to build on your unique high energetic signature that encompasses your superpowers and embrace all you dream you can be.

No need to wait, study or prepare. Paradoxically, you are there already.

Answer the call. Wake up! Grow up! Show up!

As a seeker, you know life situations are sent as a call to wake up in awareness, grow up past childhood patterns and step up as your unique, most powerful, integrated self – the New You.

Who is that true and marvelous you?

The present, joyful, authentic and powerful you.

The spiritually clear, wide-awake, beautifully radiant and deliciously joyful you. Fully embodied, fully integrated, perception sharpened, intuition heightened, your soul aligned with purpose and your heart bursting with love.

A high energy, high frequency, fully integrated New You.

Yes, YOU!

Now it is time to own it.

Live your most remarkable life. Embody the new you!

Work with me to:
* Envision your boldest goals
* Break through limiting beliefs
* Move past analysis paralysis to embody the New You.

You can live the life you’ve dreamed – be more present, more grateful, joyful and successful version of you.

Enter a world of practical magic and soul adventures.


New You Consultations go beyond information. They bring relief. From Aion, I transmit the energy you need both to understand and to actually LIVE your answers.

During a consultation, your guides speak to my guides and I translate. You may ask any question, which gets answered with compassion, humor, and the same deep appreciation your guides hold for you. Love floods your system to dissolve blocks so that you can enter your next phase of growth and awareness.

  • “Even in my extremely busy life as a professional healer, I don’t miss a session with Stevie Ray. I get too much out of it. With his background in both psychotherapy and business, he brings a wealth of experience to each session, and the information coming through him works on the level of the soul.”

    2016 Helen Knight
    Helen Knight
    Dreamtime Healings
  • “Steven McHugh is the real deal. His book, You Are God Enough, is guaranteed to bring you new insights on your spiritual journey because it goes way beyond the usual spiritual topics to share new information that will blow your socks off. I can’t wait for his next book.

    Katy Koontz
    Editor, Unity Magazine
  • “I’ve always been a skeptic about first-person spiritual testimony, but there is no doubting the spirit of loving intelligence that comes through Stevie Ray in thrilling, vivid transmission.”

    2016 Jeff Salzman 2
    Jeff Salzman
    Co-Founder, Career Track
  • “Stevie Ray is a mentor who can be single-pointedly focused on a mundane task one minute, communicating with the cosmos the next. He constantly evolves the space between us as my development unfolds. And guidance comes through him for me exactly as I need it.”

    2016 Alex Dumars
    Alex Dumars
    Chiropractor in Training