What would your life look like if you lived from your intuition, receiving and trusting guidance in each moment?

I had this question for most of my life.

I yearned for spiritual guidance–which always seemed just out of reach.

Yes, I got a few clear answers, here and there, now and then. Why did life always feel like an uphill struggle?

In a surprising turn of events, I found myself suddenly living a guidance-driven life.

A business I had toiled over for many years collapsed overnight.

My life was falling apart around me. How would I ever get through this?

I pecked out a question on my laptop. A desperate note to God, I suppose.

Out of nowhere, a bolt of electricity shot from my feet to the top of my head. Bright golden-white energy spiraled down my arms.

From somewhere above and behind my head, I watched my hands type out the answer to my question. It came in beautiful language–nothing like my own. It was filled with life-changing wisdom.

In that moment, guidance became my way of life.

More than 10 years of clear, powerful guidance has taught me something: Everyone has access to this--all the time.

The more I spent time developing this connection to Spirit, the stronger my intuition became.

I was learning how to tune in more effectively. Trusting my guidance more and more.

And I was watching miracles unfold around me.

Spirit kept prompting me to share with other people what I had learned.

Supercharge Your Intuition

... is a 2-day program designed to up-level your connection with your own guidance system.

Learn to:

  • Overcome the 5 most common blocks to intuition
  • Ask for, receive, and translate intuitive guidance for decision making
  • Enhance your manifesting power
  • Deepen your connection with your own soul
  • Connect with like-minded, soulful leaders
I’m in! Sign me up.

Supercharge Your Intuition is a playful workshop that will energize you, body, mind, and spirit.

Fun *and* practical.

Activate your guidance system through movement, breath-work, visualization, and embodiment exercises.

Experience the joy of deeper intimacy with your Spirit guides and your True Self.

As you lean in to your own guidance, the path of soul purpose will naturally emerge.


October 19-20, 2019
10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Miami Ad School
125 Bennett Street, Atlanta GA
Located just near Piedmont Hospital just off Peachtree Street. Bennett dead ends into Fresh Market on Peachtree Street.

$247 covers class and materials
Lunch not included. We encourage you to bring a lunch so we can spend our break together. Nearby lunch option available.

Bring a journal, laptop, or tablet for notes. Audio recorders are handy, too.

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Stevie Ray McHugh

I am a psychic channel, psychotherapist, corporate strategy consultant, and author of You Are God Enough. Over the past 20 years, I have coached dozens of CEOs and hundreds of individuals: career changers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, healing practitioners and non-profit directors. I focus on insightful questions, deep listening and inspired wisdom to encourage clients to be the creators of their own lives and step into the most powerful, fulfilling future Self they can imagine. I am the co-founder of Idea Champions, www.ideachampions.com, a corporate innovation consultancy.