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Because practice makes ... you happy.

Aion promises anyone who uses the practices in You Are God Enough will see a shift.
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Masterclass starts Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week 1: Accepting Your God Enough-ness

Live as both your divinity and your humanity. You are a sovereign Self.
Practice: Body-Spirit Connection, Establishing “OM-base”
Practice: Unified Field Meditation
Chapters 1, 2, 12, 14

Week 2: Receiving Your Own Guidance

Contacting your 6th sense of soul knowing and intuition for guidance
Practice: AURA – four steps to receiving guidance
Practice: Learning to Speak Guidance Aloud
Chapters 3, 10

Week 3. Bridging both Worlds

Increasing capacity to embody Spirit as a bridge between worlds
Practice: Passing through the Veil
Practice: Chakra Balancing, to contain more energy
Chapters 6, 20

Week 4: Healing and Sealing Energy Leaks

Subtle body energy healing theory and practice
Practice: Emotional Clearing Practice
Practice: Healing and Sealing Leaks
Practice: Raising Frequency
Chapters 15, 16

Week 5: Speaking with One Voice

Aligning our inner community of sub-personalities, witnessing from Higher Self
Practice: Integrating Soul Aspects
Practice: Releasing Resistance in Soul Aspects
Chapters 21, 25

Week 6: Resonance

Expanding your 7th sense, empathy and frequency modulation, resonance in community
Practice: Frequency Modulation Exercise
Practice: Creating a Shared, Resonant Field
New material: Community Template Chapters 6, 10, 29, 30