Are You Suffering From the Lie of Loneliness?

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck in loneliness?

Maybe in the evenings after a tiring day of work that no longer nourishes your soul.  Or missing the closeness of friends, or emotional support from loving family.

Many health experts say that loneliness could be a bigger health risk than smoking or obesity.

But Aion says that loneliness is a lie we tell ourselves, the lie that we are separate.

He says, “Loneliness is I-ness missing One-ness.”

Aion has explained that loneliness comes as part of individuation and maturation. Time alone helps us develop a healthy, more integrated sense of self. Rather than inspiring loneliness, it can teach you to thrive creatively, to contact Spirit, and to extend care to others.

You can convert the feeling of loneliness into this healthy sense of separateness with the guidance from Aion which I share below.


Who is the “I” who feels lonely?

It is your ego, your personality that is addicted to its preferences. When those preferences are not met, under-developed parts of your personality feel ashamed, abandoned, and rejected. They feel afraid of not belonging. They are not yet aligned on your highest vision as a fully integrated soul.

Those parts are convinced the lie of separation is true. They supply evidence from your past to support their belief in the current pain. They imagine a future of fear, of preferences denied, of shame, blame, and pain. This is the source of suffering.

The lie these soul aspects tell shifts attention out the present, away from our natural aliveness and connection to Spirit.

It also moves you away from the resonant heart connection with those you love. Instead, you project your pain onto others. Your pain is clearly their fault for denying your preferences. In your self-induced suffering, you shrink, isolate, and hide your light.

Luckily for you, you are more than your persona and its preferences. You can learn to contact the Higher Self and resonate in higher spiritual frequencies.

Spirit is always good company to hang out with. All happiness, joy and contentment arise in the present from connection to Spirit energy.


How do you outsmart the ego’s loneliness lie? Can you feel unshakably connected with others and your Higher Self?

Yes. Aion has offered very clear guidance on how to avoid the trap of loneliness.

Adopt connecting with Spirit energy as your new personality preference. If you want to feel Spirit, then connect and identify with Spirit’s frequency. Choose that which leads your attention back to Spirit energy within.

It is a simple choice. Ask yourself, “Does putting my attention on this add to or distract from my feeling of connection?” If not, choose something else that connects you more powerfully to Spirit.

This choice is not between right and wrong, only between “this is what I want to experience” and “this is what I don’t want to be experiencing.”

Also, this choice doesn’t mean you have to sit in meditation all day. Quite the contrary.

Wherever you go, your subtle energy body goes with you. Where you put your attention determines your experience.

You can connect with Spirit at the grocery store just as well as in meditation if you are in the timeless moment. Can you shop for bananas and still experience your divine energy? Certainly!


As you illuminate the soul aspects which pull you into the loneliness, they transform of their own accord. Eventually, they naturally align on new, more satisfying behaviors of connection.

Take three conscious breaths with intent to raise your energy and aliveness level. Let go to the vibration. Feel Spirit energy coursing through your body. This is who you really are.

Fill your heart with love, increasing its radiance until it is like a sun shining in your chest. This experience of radiance is you greatest resource for healing and aligning soul aspects.

Now, gently find and contact the sadness and loneliness you hold in your body. Touchdown upon it with your awareness and breathe light into it to make contact with those feelings. That feeling is expressed by a lonely soul aspect.

Shine the light of your inner sun upon that lonely soul aspect. Illuminate that space in your body. Sit with your sad and lonely part, touch its pain, engage with it, and bathe it with the radiant light of love in your heart. Give the aspect your loving attention. Ask about its preferences. Communicate with the soul aspect about how to begin the shift to preferring Spirit energy. Bathe it in that high frequency.

As you continue to breathe light into that aspect, You will feel a shift. It is stuck energy moving. Keep breathing into it and allow the congested subtle energy we call loneliness to expand, thin and dissolve. Expand your field, still attending to the soul aspect and resonate with the oneness of Spirit.

Connection is the cure. High amplitudes of that magnificent Spirit energy in our nervous system brings the experience of Oneness. Loneliness dissolves. This is why Aion says, “Loneliness is I-ness missing One-ness.”


To counteract isolation, make a list of people with whom you can engage. Reach out to them. Be with those who can occupy your attention and engage your gifts.

If you are alone, find a way to immerse yourself in inspirational reading, writing, music or movement like dancing or uplifting exercise. Meditating, calling friends and family, and staying in close contact with those who are suffering will replace the habit of holing up.


Your commitment to evolve and to live into your divine purpose can motivate the change in personality preferences which will free you from loneliness.

You have the tools, understanding, and support from Spirit to succeed. Trust your Higher Self to guide you.

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