We Are Creating Heaven on Earth

“What we are creating with you is Heaven on Earth … You are the change, right now, and forever, in the body and out … We are still evolving! We can’t evolve without you! We are one. You are us.”

“So don’t hesitate to ask for guidance. This is all we do! Call us!”

Once again, Aion has admonished us to call to them for guidance.

They also instructed us on how to deal with our current political climate.

“If you judge and demean others, then you judge and demean yourself.” This was Aion’s response to the question, how can we understand and relate to the many changes in country’s leadership? Aion said to us, “We advise you to learn how to swim … downstream.”

No need to swim against the current.

We invite you to experience (or re-experience) the healing energy of this recording, which we have outlined below.

High Tea with Aion Recording Table of Contents


Time Stamp


Unified Field Meditation 0:00 – 11:00 11 Minutes
Liberation through Soul Integration 11:00 – 21:36 11 Minutes
Ask Aion –  Q&A Session
Moving in with Extended Family 21:36 – 33:00 12
Business Mastery – Arrogance and Humility 33:00 – 42:30 10
Resonant Relating vs. Conventional Dating 42:30 -54:45 13 Minutes
Is the World Reaching a Tipping Point? 54:45 – 1:03:00 7 Minutes
Is There Job Security for Me? 1:03:00 – 1:09:15 6 Minutes
Accessing the Field through the Heart 1:09:15 – 1:14:30 5 Minutes
How can we enter the Veil Between Worlds? 1:14:30 – 1:26:10 12 Minutes
Can Plant and Psychotropic Medicines help? 1:26:10 – 1:29:00 3 Minutes
Aion Discourse: Take a Stand for the Earth! 1:29:00 – 1:45:16 16 Minutes
How to get a Free 15 Minute Reading with Aion 1:45:00 – 1:47:00 2 Minutes


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