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I tend towards worry. It’s a low-level of anxiety about, well, almost everything, and probably why getting guidance is so important to me. This constant background of emotional noise works a lot like my tinnitus, that high-pitched ringing in my ears from standing too close to giant speakers in rock concerts. (Music must be felt, right?)

Worry impinges on my aliveness. It brings my energy down a couple of notches. How annoying, and persistent. What to do?

I ask Aion, “How can I stop worrying?”

Try Again

Aion responds, “Perhaps you can reframe that question from a higher level of perception. Breathe a few deep breaths, tune into your Higher Self and ask again.

OK, I’ll play along. I tune in and ask, “How can I stay more present?”

“Better. Take 3 breaths, clear your energy centers, ground and ask again.”

A realization arises within me: Anxiety is fear. Of course! I ask, “Please help me see what I am afraid of.”

Almost There

“Closer,” Spirit responds. “Breathe in, fill your body from feet to head with light. Connect with us through the crown chakra. Then ask again.”

I inhale deeply, breathing golden white light into my feet, legs, then into each chakra in turn. Light fills the crown of my head, connecting me with Spirit above. I am literally vibrating with light, feeling so loved.

The new question comes easily, “How can I find ways to feel this love from Spirit all the time?”

Guidance Takes Me Higher

I feel a chuckle from Aion. “Ah, a much better question. Better because you are asking from a much higher vibration. When you asked your first question, you were feeling impoverished and malnourished. With this question, you are asking from feeling enriched and resourced.

Spirit always answers on the frequency of the asking. In this frequency, you received the direct experience of the answer. Just by clearing, grounding and filling with light, you found the frequency in which your question is not just answered, but resolved. The answer is apparent and you are healed.

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Michelle Williams

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