Do You Make This Guidance Mistake?

Our house is going up for sale.  We don’t want to buy it, either.  Scrambling for guidance. Gotta move again.  Noooo…

Moving every couple of years is getting old. Hell, I’m getting, old and moving is a big physical and emotional drain. The planning, the packing, the unpacking, the expense, gathering housemates. Disruptive, depressing, and exhausting.

Too Many Choices

Big home with housemates? Small house together? Live-work townhome, two-bed urban apartment and get an office, or just move to Sedona and start over?

So, I ask Aion, “What living situation should Michelle and I be envisioning?” I wait a few breaths. The message that comes is a shock.

Guidance, But Still No Answers

“Do nothing.” guidance says.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

Guidance explains, “Don’t look for a house until you are ready. The time is not yet ripe. Find clarity.”

I wanted clear direction from Spirit. Got it, but not like I thought. The guidance from Aion is just to live with—and in—the questions.

Shoot. This guidance stuff was supposed to show me just what to do. But I’m being guided into a great big question mark. I guess I want guidance to be guidelines. My mistake.

Living With the Questions

It feels like a part-time job, practically living on Craigsllist. But I’m not picking a place to rent just yet. Right now, I’m just experimenting. Trying housing scenarios on for size and practicality. Asking clarifying questions all along the way.

And the clarity is coming as l live more fully into each of these options. Without any answers, I find I am guided each step of the way and getting clearer each day.

Turns out, I’m on the right on track, without having any idea where I’m going. Instead of focusing on answers, I am making friends with the wild uncertainty of following Spirit deeper into the questions.

More on this, in my upcoming Get Your Own Guidance Workshop, May 20, 11-5.

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